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Virtual Assistance: Defined

What I Do

Phoenix Solutions NZ provide you, the clients, with the best possible service.

In our competitive market, your growing business needs support. Phoenix Solutions NZ is a full service virtual support firm, offering top quality virtual assistant services as well face to face services when and where possible. Get your schedule back on track and take your life back.


This means that I am fully engaged in much of my clients’ daily tasks necessary to operate their businesses efficiently and effectively. As I handle the administrative tasks, my clients are able to focus on generating revenue for their businesses.

I am all about taking the weight off your shoulders. From renowned business executives to small business owners. I ensure quality by offering smart, agile and customisable solutions for each and every client.


I will go above and beyond in order to deliver excellent results. With my services, you will be able to focus on what really matters - and leave the rest to me. Contact me today so we can start working together! 

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